Paint it all black I’d come running A distant love affair To crash in 
I laid down 

I never knew 
Which way I was going With the past 
Still holding final say 
I had lost the reins 

All disappears 
But the picture of you and I Gulls in the bay 
Under dark clouds of rain 

Hazed in a life 
Defined by reason 
I’ve been finding it hard To face the days 
I carry on my way 

The party was breaking Candles burning down I saw you away 
Your car was out waiting 

Going, gone 

Standing in light 
I see the colors change 
I’ve been taking the long way Down the gravel road 
You’d often walk with me And I find it hard 
To tell this story 
For a vacant heart Withstands a strain 
But seldom is honest seen 

A light on the page 
Still not turned over now I thought it’d say 
You were coming my way 

But no