JESSE MARCHANT - An Accident {from 3 perspectives}

Somebody lead me to a phone
My brother’s fading fast 
He slid halfway down the hill
His face is gray as ash 
I’ve gotta call my mom 

When I turned up on the scene
My knees fell week in a panic
Saw a dead man on his feet
Walking to the car, smiling
Saying everything is fine 

I peeled off 
Knowing of a hospital 
On the way 
Traffic blocking every lane 
I was getting nowhere
Speeding now 
90 down the shoulder lane
My boy is slipping away 
I better get there fast 
His lost life 
I couldn’t stand the thought 

Somebody goddamn take him in
He’s barely breathing now 
In the balance I felt peace 
And was sure it was the end
When I passed out 
On the waiting room floor 

You saved my life 
And I have lived its fuller days 
I don’t know if I ever did thank you
Wholeheartedly for that 
And for sitting up 
Nights & nights 
At my bedside awake 
They had to urge you 
To turn away 
Home for a night to rest 
I was fine 
All through 
I felt your love 

A lifetime ago 
When we were all healing